Some Much Needed Down Time

After my stint driving across Vietnam, I was in desperate need of a little down time before my next adventure. I had returned to Thailand to take up residency at an internship kind of project in the south, on the island of Koh Samui.

I was craving a bit of familiarity at this point. I missed the feeling of actually knowing where things were and where I was going. I also needed to collect a few things from my friend’s house back in Pai that I’d accidentally left behind when I moved out of the house I had been renting there.

So I found myself back in Chiang Mai, back where I used to work, with some friendly familiar faces to welcome me. I finally got my long awaited Sak Yant tattoo whilst I was there and met up with some old and new friends to watch movies, do yoga and have a durian picnic.


Something that surprises me about Chiang Mai is that no matter how many times I go back, I also come across a temple that I haven’t seen before…



It was nice being back in Pai, being able to visit old friends, going back to my favourite bars and cafes and restaurants like Earth Tone. It was a welcome break from all the excitement and uncertainty that had been my whirlwind trip through Vietnam.

I spent the better part of a week renting a small wooden hut, lounging in a hammock reading a series of books, and relaxing at the cafe…

Matcha & Coconut Chia pudding for breakfast at Earth Tone
Chai Tea & a Wheatgrass Shot. Finally reunited with my kindle!

So after my much needed break, it was on to pastures new. However, a big part of me loved being back in Pai again and I wasn’t sure whether I was ready to leave, but I’m very glad that I did…

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