You’re Beautiful But Oh So Boring – Geneva, Switzerland

My little sister was counting down the days until she headed off to her Uni placement in Australia. At her suggestion, we booked a short trip away together before she left, and for some reason which I can’t really quite remember, we ended up choosing Geneva. No, I’m not sure why either, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Geneva is in no way unpleasant, it’s really rather lovely; especially the old town with its cobbled streets, charming buildings, burbling fountains, and colourful flowers…





However Geneva is pretty boring and damn expensive. Like, have you ever paid £13 for an ice cream? Me neither, up until I visited Geneva, and even though it was a very delicious / well-presented ice cream, it was still £13.

I did actually go back again because it was so delicious, and really just for a lack of things to do. My sister and I nipped into a Starbucks during our time in Geneva, and two iced coffees and one bagel cost us the equivalent of about £18!

Geneva is without a doubt the most expensive place I have been to date, and would definitely be difficult on a budget.



We spent most of our time in Geneva strolling around aimlessly through parks, and to be honest, mostly eating ice cream in the surprisingly hot weather, which was glorious, but unexpected. Neither of us had anticipated or packed very well for it.


The lake is beautiful, with clear blue water and plenty of lovely restaurants, cafés, and bars dotted around the edge of it.





But honestly, even though we were there for just a few days, we were pretty bored and struggled to find things to do. We actually stayed just over the border in France to keep the Geneva accommodation costs down, and would get public transport into the centre which was a nightmare all of its own.

You see, the apartment, whilst quite lovely, was in the middle of nowhere, and despite only being probably a 30 or 40 minute drive from the centre, would take us well over an hour, and required 3 bus changes and 2 trams!

If you’re still interested in going to Geneva, I’ll share a post shortly on how to keep the costs and do Geneva on a bit of a budget (as much as is possible).

What about you, have you been to Geneva? Were you bored as hell?

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  1. We found the same thing! When we arrived we were at the end of a budget trip around the south of France and wanted to make the most of the opportunity to hop over as we worked our way up and back home. It was by far the most expensive hotel we stayed in and the most expensive place for food and drink (and we had stayed in Monaco!) and quite honestly we were bored once we had wandered around the lake a bit. Such a shame…

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